Big or Boutique?

3 Way to Elevate Your Experience in the Gym

Image_edited for BlogPop quiz! Pounding music, bright lights, acres of flesh, banks of mirrors. Quick, where are you? a. Party, b. Nightclub. c. Gym.

If you guessed c., you’ve likely had the mega-gym experience. It can be fun, but if you’re serious about your workout it can also be kind of distracting. This week, with our studio refresh in mind, we found ourselves discussing what we love about the space we’re in. With St. Valentine’s Day almost here, let us count the ways…..

Had a Bad Day?

New York City can be stressful, so we make a point of leaving the noise outside. You’ll never find your ears assaulted by blaring music, or someone bemoaning their bad day into their phone. Just walking in the door provides an instant boost and lets us feel focused, energized, and ready to work out. And like our clients, we usually leave in a better mood.

Inner Beauty

It’s what‘s on the inside that counts, and during a tough workout we’ll often ask you to focus on how your body physically feels – and less on how it looks. That’s why we don’t keep too many mirrors around. However, do check out the results in the mirror at home!


As busy New Yorkers none of us wants to wait around for equipment or have to figure out how it works. At Transform we work privately and one-to-one with our clients, by appointment only, and we actively limit the number of people in the space at any one time.

In other words, if you’re looking for a mega-gym experience, we’re probably not for you. But if you want to build a meaningful relationship with fitness (with no membership fees!), we’d love to get to know you. Call or text us anytime: 917 804 1866 Or shoot us an email:

Visit our site to sign up for Classes.

Elevate Your Experience! On Wednesday, February 25th, join us for demonstrations, music, a glass of wine, and a chance to pester us with all your fitness questions! 155 East 58th Street (btw Lex & Park), Suite 902.  6pm – 8pm.
All welcome!

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