Can you combine yoga with strength training?

We’re frequently asked by clients whether they can combine yoga with strength training. This week we get the scoop from Transform’s Christopher Arcudi, a yoga teacher and strength trainer who does just that.


How did you arrive at teaching yoga with strength training?

I had already been teaching yoga for several years in Los Angeles when I went through an apprenticeship in a methodology known as SuperSlow. It’s a high intensity and slow-movement weight training system which uses MedX machines of the kind used at Transform Fitness. Through that experience, and subsequent studies, I discovered that teaching yoga and strength-work in tandem yielded huge benefits for my clients.

What’s your personal philosophy on wellness?

I believe that people can continually increase their wellness, strength, and vitality, regardless of their age or condition.

What can clients expect when they work out with you?

I want my clients to feel that they’re in an atmosphere that is challenging, and also compassionate and encouraging. I work with yoga, strength training, Functional Movement, Somatic Movement, Kettlebells, and Indian Clubs. I also have extensive experience and training in Thai Yoga Massage. It’s essentially a practitioner-assisted yoga, and an excellent method by which to help the body recover and heal.

Do you have a top tip for clients?

Don’t forget to breathe! It sounds obvious, I know, but in the middle of a tough workout or a difficult moment it can easily be forgotten. Breath greatly helps transform mind and body.

Do you have fitness questions? Email us: Want to know more? Meet Chris and the Transform team at our upcoming Meet & Greet – We Want to Elevate Your Experience. We’ll have demonstrations, light refreshments, beverages and more! Wednesday 25th February, 6pm – 8pm. 155 East 58th Street (btw Lex & Park), Suite 902. Call or text for details: 917 804 1866

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