How to Crush Your Goals




At the start of each New Year, we ask our clients the same question: ‘How would you like to direct your goals in your training?’

Part of this is to do with measurement and the setting up of milestones. For instance, when we look at professional athletes it’s easy to forget that we’re seeing the results of years of training and conditioning. Whether you call this deliberate practice or the ten-thousand hour rule of mastery, you can be sure their progress has been rigorously quantified and measured by a whole team of experts! Most of us will never aspire to that degree of dedication; however our own path is still trackable, and we can ask the right questions – and keep asking them as time goes on:

  • What will it take to reach your goal?
  • Where are you right now?
  • What are the obstacles in your path?
  • What have you tried in the past?
  • How will you know when you reach your goal?
  • What will it look and feel like?
  • How will you continue to make progress?

Why is all this important? Working with a client is a collaborative experience, and as fitness professionals we rely on the information our clients give us as much as any that we glean from assessing their movements. As a child of science my business is to actualize clients’ goals, and since the way each of us defines fitness can vary, strategic questioning helps us make sure everyone’s on the same page.

As many are apt to discover after the first flush of New Year’s resolution enthusiasm, simply wandering into a gym once or twice a week to lift a few weights and use the Stairmaster doesn’t cut it. When goals and strategies are ill-defined and vague, so too will be your results. Which brings me to my last point: accountability. When you clearly articulate your goals and intentions to someone else (your trainer being a good example) and you allow that person to partner with you to make those goals a reality, you’ve built accountability into the system and you’re far more likely to succeed.

The New Year offers us all a chance to recalibrate, and to articulate our path with clarity. This month, whether you’re already a Transform NYC client, or seizing the day with a free consult, we’ll be asking you – and ourselves – the same question: ‘How would you like to direct your goals in your training?’

As an incentive this month Transform are offering 20% off any training package. Let us help you set your goals, chart a course – and most of all (as our existing clients can attest) enjoy crushing them!

Until January 31st new clients get a free consult + an unbeatable 20% off on any session package, for savings of up to $1,150!

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