Lost Something?

1.15 Blog Post_edit3 Steps to Getting it Back :

It happens. How we lose our strength, mobility or flat stomach isn’t complicated. It happens day by day, almost without our noticing. The good news is, the process of (re)discovery is not unlike good detective work, and it offers your first clues to finding them again.

1. Identify the Problem

We’ve all spent enough time in our bodies to know when something doesn’t  look or feel quite right. If you’ve found yourself saying, ‘I know squats would be good for me, but my lower back or knee can’t take the stress,’ or wondering if all your clothes have all shrunk in the wash, you know exactly what we’re talking about. So take some time to notice where you feel the most restricted, weak or dissatisfied – because that’s exactly where you’ll need to start!

2. Make a Plan

You’ve located your weakest link (perhaps more than one!) – now what? If you’ve done any research on the internet or elsewhere, you’ll have seen how much conflicting information there is floating about. You need a plan, but where to start? What sort of workout is best? How much weight? How many times a week? What’s safe? Should I be stretching? What about yoga or running? What about my diet? And most important: When will I see results…??

3. Enlist Support

A qualified fitness professional can cut through the hype, ask the right questions, make an assessment, and come up with a plan tailored to you – and you only. Think of your trainer as a personal detective, aiding you in your quest to get back the particular thing that you’ve lost  – whether it’s  mobility, strength, muscle tone, or all of the above. As well as offering Lost and Found services (!), a fitness professional acts as an ongoing source of support, as well as advice on changing tactics and help in setting goals and deadlines. Best of all for many of us, they also provide that all-important accountability factor…

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P.S. In next week’s blog we’ll be turning the spotlight on a member of the Transform Fitness NYC team by getting up-close and personal with one trainer who took his own weakest link – and transformed it into a huge strength – for himself and his clients.

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