‘I Was Overweight as a Child…’

Danny.MatosWe sat down for a Q & A with Transform trainer Danny Matos, a graduate of St. John’s University who has been professionally training clients for more than seven years. Certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Danny also holds certification in corrective exercise, fitness nutrition, and weight loss management. He has, in his own words, built a ‘bullet-proof approach’ to weight loss that encompasses smart movement, sensible nutrition, and proper mindset.

You were overweight as a child. How did you get into training?

‘When I became a sophomore in high school. There’s so much pressure at that time of life, and I felt desperate for something to change, so I changed my diet and began running. I liked running, though now I think back (laughs) I had no idea what I was doing. I guess I learned through trial and error.’

What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing people who’d like to lose weight and get fit?

‘I struggled for so many years with my relationship to food, so I find it counterproductive when you see pictures of people with six-pack abs to try and get people into fitness. Most people don’t see themselves in those images. It’s like someone with a limitless amount of money giving restaurant dining advice. Someone who’s never struggled with a fitness lifestyle or who has genes on their side doesn’t understand how detrimental this is. The person struggling ends up beating themselves up more for not getting it or understanding how “simple” something perceivably is. ‘

Can you give us an example?

“I remember going into McDonald’s one day and eating ice cream — I thought it was the end of the world! So I think it’s easy to fall into this all-or-nothing attitude where you’re either ‘on a diet’ or bingeing out. There’s also this weird social compartment around food when you’re eating out with other people. It’s a subject I’m really interested in – the psychology of how we approach fitness and nutrition. It’s not spoken about enough, but it informs my present philosophy and my work with my clients.

Do you have an ideal client?

I love training anyone, especially avid runners and any of your readers who are looking to lose weight and keep it off permanently. I train using TRX, kettle-bells, battle-rope, and sled work.

Where can we find you when you’re not in the gym?

‘I write and perform as a poet, emcee and hip-hop artist in and around New York. I also teach writing workshops, and I just released my first hip-hop project, “Nothing Without You.”’

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