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Big or Boutique?

3 Way to Elevate Your Experience in the Gym Pop quiz! Pounding music, bright lights, acres of flesh, banks of mirrors. Quick, where are you? a. Party, b. Nightclub. c. Gym. If you guessed c., you’ve likely had the mega-gym … Continue reading

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‘I Was Overweight as a Child…’

We sat down for a Q & A with Transform trainer Danny Matos, a graduate of St. John’s University who has been professionally training clients for more than seven years. Certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Danny also … Continue reading

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Lost Something?

3 Steps to Getting it Back : It happens. How we lose our strength, mobility or flat stomach isn’t complicated. It happens day by day, almost without our noticing. The good news is, the process of (re)discovery is not unlike … Continue reading

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Defining Your Strength, or, How to Sit on the Floor

For many years as a trainer I pursued the most efficient means of making clients stronger. The reasons for pursuing strength were abundant in terms of their benefits: a faster metabolism, better muscle tone and definition, increased circulation, improved bone … Continue reading

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Transform Special Offer + New Blog

Welcome to the all new, revamped, super-inspiring, Transform Fitness NYC blog! Every Thursday we’ll be helping you jump-start your day with bite-sized tips on health and exercise, spilling all our secrets from healthy eating, how to rev up your metabolism, … Continue reading

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We are NOW Listed

[Attention New York City Trainers] We are happy to let everyone know that we are now listed on the Neighborhoodtrainer.com site. Thanks to our contact last week with Glenn Dickstein, we have now connected with the folks at this online … Continue reading

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