Quintin Hereford

Trainer: Quintin HerefordQuintin Hereford is ACSM certified with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. He prefers setting short term goals and has spent 10 years delving into a variety sports and disciplines in order to maintain functional fitness. This approach allows him to draw from a number of various workouts when designing programs for clients. These activities include team sports like basketball, football and soccer; individual games such as tennis, boxing, and fencing; and disciplines including mid-foot running, cycling and strength/conditioning for gymnastics.

While the workouts inside an individual’s program are always changing, the focus remains the same:

Maximizing range of motion in the hip or shoulder complex with a coordinated and maintained connection through the kinetic chain is paramount. Core recruitment, stabilization and endurance takes center stage. Proprioception goes from being a goal to a tool that will help you in creating and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Control is emphasized and intensity is utilized when appropriate.

This approach minimizes risk of injury in order to avoid going one step forward and two steps back. Workouts are comprehensive and a desire to understand “what’s going on” will define your success.

Every aspect of a client’s program is geared toward the client’s primary goals. Primary goals are met through identifying, defining, and managing the primary setbacks that keep us furthest away from our goals. The success experienced through training is the result of relentless pursuit of a client’s goals through a constant effort and open mind.

No matter a client’s goals, Quintin utilizes body-weight exercises, Olympic style lifting, elastic bands, suspension training devices, and machines for all clients while augmenting the frequency, duration, and intensity to cater to the individual’s specifications.

Quintin is currently training individuals coping with myofibralgia, osteo-arthritis, herniated disks, fused vertabrae. He assists people with pre-existing injuries and surgeries ranging from Achilles, knees, hips, and labrum/rotator cuffs with managing pain, reducing body fat percentage, and increasing lean muscle mass. He has experience training prenatal women, individuals coping with exercise induced asthma, hypertension and diabetes. Quintin’s current client roster consists of people 7 years old to 70.

Frank Hughes

Frank HughesI combine stretching, resistance training and massage to deliver a holistic training experience. Incorporating alignment-based yoga combined with deep breathing and hands-on adjustments, we can create more space for proper joint function to ease chronic pain and old sports injuries. Analyzing functional movement patterns and resistance training allows us to understand which muscles need to be strengthened or stretched in order to correct the root causes of your muscular imbalances and compensation patterns. Deep Tissue and Thai Massage are modalities that I intersperse with other techniques in the training session. I also offer them separately.

Sal Lozado

Sal Lovado

Sal Lozado is a personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Sal is also a certified lifeguard and swim instructor. Off-hours, he enjoys participating in competitive mixed martial arts and studying kinesiology. Sal is currently studying for certification in physical therapy and kinesiology. He especially likes working with clients in dynamic movements and correcting compensation patterns.