Elyssa Brown

Gymnastics has always been a big part of Elyssa’s life. She is a certified personal trainer through PT Global, with a specialty in body weight exercise. She recently moved to NYC after teaching for the past 4 years at Awaken Gym in Denver, CO. She has a passion for strength and fitness, and enjoys finding stimulating and effective body weight exercises to incorporate into her and her athletes’ fitness routine. Elyssa has always enjoyed playing around with gymnastics and handstands, and now handstands are her favorite element to teach and practice, as it incorporates strength, stability, and flexibility all in one beautiful upside-down package. She is motivated and influenced by friends and experts in the health and fitness world.

Frank Hughes

Frank HughesI combine stretching, resistance training and massage to deliver a holistic training experience. Incorporating alignment-based yoga combined with deep breathing and hands-on adjustments, we can create more space for proper joint function to ease chronic pain and old sports injuries. Analyzing functional movement patterns and resistance training allows us to understand which muscles need to be strengthened or stretched in order to correct the root causes of your muscular imbalances and compensation patterns. Deep Tissue and Thai Massage are modalities that I intersperse with other techniques in the training session. I also offer them separately.