Thoughts on the Body by Paul Watson, Transform Fitness NYC Founder & Master Trainer, Part I: Early Discoveries

Thoughts on the Body

Part I: Early Discoveries

by Paul Watson, Transform Fitness NYC Founder & Master Trainer

I’ve been studying the human body for over 15 years. In that time I’ve noticed some general—almost universal—patterns of how the body moves. Yet these patterns, general though they may be, are expressed in amazingly unique ways in each individual human being.

For me, discovery of the body began with my own. I grew up playing sports of all kinds in my humble beginnings in Jamaica, but my first love was soccer. I continued to play soccer after moving to Canada in my teens—all year-round, even in the ice and snow of those long, harsh Canadian winters. (Only in Canada could a player kick the ball toward the net, as I did one winter’s day, and end up sliding so fast on the icy turf that I ended up sliding into the net before the ball did!) I played volleyball, track and field, American football, and even hockey. Whatever the sport, each one taught me about the remarkable powers of my body, as well as its limitations.

In high school, I also discovered a love for science, thanks largely to my 11th grade science professor, who believed in pushing his students to go beyond what they thought they could achieve. While in university I worked in a hospital physical therapy and sports injury clinic, where I gained a basic understanding of all different kinds of injuries—tissue breakdown, muscle trauma and atrophy, bone breaks, and nerve impingement, among others. I was anxious to learn not just how injuries could be prevented, but also how physical therapists could support the body to minimize or reduce the long-term effects of injuries. The dire atmosphere of a hospital turned out to be a superb training ground for a young personal trainer.

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