Transform Your Body

Your body responds to many factors. At Transform Fitness, in New York City, we work one on one with you to bring your body into its best shape, making you feel good, powerful, and present. Each person and each body is different and so each workout is different. We help you feel your body its needs and its abilities so that you transform it into what looks and feels most natural.

We get to know you and your body, its relationships to itself and the world around, and build on these factors to create more dynamic support for strength in muscle, flexibility, power, and comfort. For most of us, how we look is important to how we feel. We recognize the many layers to fitness and health, working with each client to see how they are all connected in achieving the look you desire and the feeling that will change your life.

We do this using a progressive technique that monitors your movements against resistance in a very controlled pace allowing you to safely access your effort and regulate your own intensity. You haven’t experienced transformational training like this. Our fitness trainers and private gym, including state of the art, medical grade equipment, will get you results faster, more effectively, and transform your body into a beautiful and natural reflection of you.