Transform Your Time

Transform Your TimeMost of our clients train with us just twice a week and get better results than when they had gone to a regular gym or worked with other trainers as many as six times a week. Clients respond to our technique because they realize that their time is best measured in focus and intensity and achieving a standard for their body that is based on their body.

Clients are amazed at how working out with our private trainers, in our calm and professional private gym facility actually saves money compared with trainers at big membership gyms, and by requiring a greatly reduced weekly commitment in time. Imagine having the body you want, feeling great, energized, powerful, and healthy in just 2 sessions a week, with little or no working out between sessions. That extra time means a lot to our busy clients.

People who work out with us at Transform Fitness, right in New York City’s Midtown East area, stay with the program because the combination of time saved, personal training, and our calm, fresh, efficient facility right in midtown, makes it easy to transform for life.