The Year in Transformation

It’s that time again. For some it’s been a challenging twelve months; for others a time of growth or personal achievement. For most, I expect, it’s been a bit of each. This week, as the more fortunate among us begin a well-earned break from the normal chaos of our lives, the end of the year offers an opportunity to reflect and take stock.

2014 has been a year of transition for me, with many fork-in-the-road moments. These have given me no choice but to pay more attention to what’s going on around me and to take actions that may offer greater risks – while also (it is hoped) offering greater rewards.

I have been lucky to see clients make significant breakthroughs in their acute or chronic problems, and recognize that the bigger frame of their issue often stems from a smaller one that has gone unchecked and undiagnosed. This has been the key to their relief from pain, and the doorway into strength they never realized was possible.

These past few years Transform Fitness has adopted and applied a strength system called Gymnastic Strength Training, made popular by it’s founder Christopher Sommer. As we move into 2015, our plans are for a gym re-tool and re-design that allows us to pursue this system more completely in all its applications. This will mean, for instance, more dedicated group-based training such as the amazingly successful seminar we hosted a couple of months ago with Kit and Olivia from Stretch Therapy.

We’ve also been busy bringing our staff up to speed, helping familiarize them with Transform’s newest strength and mobility training systems. After much diligence and hard work on their part, they’re now ready to provide the same incredible level of service that our members have grown used to. I’m so proud of them – and I’m excited to see all the great things they’ll achieve with us in 2015!

All these successes will also free me up to take care of a few management priorities. Though this means I won’t be taking on more clients myself, the good news is that it will allow me to spend time pursuing further training and education so that we can continue to explore new ways to build health, wellness, and fitness. As we grow, and continue act on our broader vision, this looks to be a year of great promise. A Happy New Year, everyone  – we’ll look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Before December 31st we’re offering five sessions for only $500 at Transform Fitness NYC. Or come in for a free consultation, and let us help you reach your fitness goals in 2015. Call or text: 917 804 1866

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